What Are the Basics of Cosmetology?

Are you interested in becoming a cosmetologist? Are you looking to learn more about the cosmetology industry?

Cosmetology, known as the professional trade of beautifying skin, hair, and nails, can provide a creative career. All that’s needed is relatively quick training at a trade school. While cosmetology may be viewed as artistry, it is actually a trade that requires training and licensing.

Basics of Cosmetology: Hair Care

During their training and throughout their careers, many cosmetologists care for hair, familiarizing themselves with everything from shampooing, hair cuts, and blowouts to hair styles, hair design, and hair braiding.Cosmetologists learn the science behind beautification to implement proper techniques for perms and chemical treatments, plus bleaching, coloring, and highlights. Cosmetology training assists cosmetologists in safely changing clients’ hair color or covering grays.With a focus on hair, cosmetologists can find employment through a number of different positions, like the following:

  • Hair stylist: This cosmetology position specializes in hair cuts and hair styling.
  • Hair color specialist: This cosmetology role specializes in modification of natural hair color.
  • Shampoo technician: A shampoo technician, typically an apprentice, shampoos and conditions hair in preparation for a hair stylist.
  • Wedding & event stylist: A cosmetologist in this position specializes in creating special hair styles, like up-dos and flawless curls, for event attendees.
  • Film set stylist: This cosmetologist position specializes in perfecting hair styles for actors while on set.

Basics of Cosmetology: Skin Care

Basics of Cosmetology: Nail Care

Cosmetology also includes nail care like manicures and pedicures. Cosmetologists usually learn the process of application for gel nails, acrylic nails, and silk nails in cosmetology school.A popular cosmetology position with an emphasis on nail care is:

  • Nail technician: This role specializes in hand and toenail treatment, including special treatments like shea butter pedicures and gel manicures.

Cosmetology Is a Trade

What to Expect from a Cosmetology Career

There are plenty of things to look forward to from a cosmetology career.As a cosmetologist, you’ll develop your artistry. While cosmetology is still a trade industry, it allows for creativity through new hair dying techniques and makeup styles. Plus, cosmetology can be fulfilling. As cosmetologists help others look and feel their best, they can feel great about what they do.To learn more about cosmetologist training, read “What Are the Pros and Cons of Going to School for Cosmetology?

What to Expect from Cosmetology School

Most trade schools will teach the knowledge students need to be prepared to pass their licensing exams and train for the care of hair, skin, and nails. When students complete their training, they should be ready for cosmetology careers.The Cosmetology Program at Delta Tech provides students with theory and skills training in basic hair cutting, hair styling, and hair coloring, plus nail and skin care.To learn more about training to become a cosmetologist, take a look at “Is Cosmetology School Worth It in 2018?“The field of cosmetology can be both fun and rewarding. To find out more about Delta Tech Cosmetology Program, available at the Horn Lake, MS and Ridgeland, MS campuses, contact the Admissions Team.

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