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Transcript Request

Students are entitled to access their educational records maintained by Delta Tech and entitled to an official transcript of record provided to them or their designated recipient. Any student who has enrolled in an academic program at Delta Tech may request an official transcript. The Official Transcript of Record shall consist of a summary of the courses needed to complete a program of study.

Request for Official Transcript is the authorization from the student to Delta Tech to release the above defined transcript of the student’s record. An Official Transcript of Record is released upon request of the student. Such requests must be made in writing either by completing the Request for Official Transcript form or by writing a letter. All written requests must be signed by the student.

Transcripts will be issued as soon as possible after receipt of the request and any applicable processing fees are collected. All outstanding debts and obligations to Delta Tech must be cleared prior to release of transcript.

Transcripts are normally issued via U.S. Mail or given directly to the recipient designated by the student. Prior arrangement must be made for transcripts to be picked up by the student or designated recipient. Pick up of transcripts by anyone other than the student must be authorized in writing at the time of the request.

An Official Transcript of Record is released upon request of the student and payment of the required fee.

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