Externships What is an Externship?

Most careers require some level of hands-on experience to be successful. Whether you’re studying to be a dental assistant, medical assistant, medical coder or pharmacy technician, you will build expertise in your field of study by participating in an externship program. An externship is a temporary training program in a workplace, usually offered to students as part of a program or course.

Professionals in your chosen field offer hands-on experience to students looking to begin their new careers through externship opportunities. Do you see yourself working in a doctor’s office? Maybe the option of working in a hospital pharmacy appeals to you more. Whatever you choose, the externship allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you learned in the classroom in a real-world work environment.

Benefits of an Externship:

  • Real-world work experience under the supervision of a professional
  • Exposure to a real-world work environment in your chosen career field
  • Allows you to practice your professional behavior
  • Opportunity to receive mentorship and advice
  • Networking with professionals, mentors and colleagues

Externship opportunities bring you closer to the start of a new career, a new life and a new you!

Medical Assisting

Dental Assisting

Medical Coding