Delta Tech Housing

Find Local Housing Near Delta Technical College

Are you relocating or considering relocating to attend Delta Technical College (Delta Tech)? Although Delta Tech does not offer dorms or on-campus housing, living near campus can be a great way to feel connected to your school community, get to know your classmates, and have access to valuable campus resources.

Delta Technical College Campus Locations

Delta Tech has two campus locations in Mississippi:

It’s important to choose the campus that best fits your lifestyle and educational needs. For example, the Horn Lake campus is located just south of Memphis, TN so students who choose to live near campus can also enjoy the music, entertainment and historical attractions of the big city. The Ridgeland campus is minutes from Jackson, the Mississippi state capital ─ a city full of culture and history.

EDUrent Can Help Delta Students With Their Housing Needs

The Delta Tech Horn Lake campus has partnered with EDUrent to assist students with their search for convenient, affordable, student-friendly housing solutions near campus.

With EDUrent, students can find housing in the vicinity of the Horn Lake campus, with choices that include apartments, shared housing, and extended stays. If you’re going to school away from home or out of commuting distance, finding housing is important. EDUrent can help students find the right kinds of housing and even pairs students with roommates if needed.

Through a simple search of “Delta Technical College” in the EDUrent school search, students can browse apartment and housing options. After viewing housing options online, students can work with EDUrent housing consultants if they need additional guidance with the process.

Student Success Specialists Can Help Delta Tech Students Find Housing & Transportation

Delta Tech Student Success Specialists (SSS) can also help you with housing resources. The SSS maintains an up-to-date list of housing resources, which includes affordable apartments and housing. The SSS can also provide resources for emergency housing situations like homelessness.

Housing and apartment listings from local papers and online listings are available in the SSS office and on flyers and displays around campus. Income-based housing options will be included in the listings.

For Delta Tech students who are new to the area or who may not be familiar with how to get to and from campus, the SSS can provide assistance locating transportation resources and information. This could include carpools, local bus and shuttle schedules, and information on reduced bus fare options.

Learn more about housing options at Delta Tech

Contact Delta Tech’s Admissions Team to learn more about housing options and resources.