Is Cosmetology School Worth it in 2020?


Are you wondering if cosmetology is the right career path for you? If you’re passionate about glamorous styles, bold nails, or the art of cutting, coloring, and curling hair, cosmetology might be a good match for your interests.

Cosmetologists are trained to blend creativity and beauty to help clients of salons, spas, hotels, and resorts look their best.

What is Cosmetology School?

Cosmetology school teaches students the application of beauty treatments. Cosmetology is a trade skill, an art, and a science that leads to the beautification of hair, face, skin, and nails. Cosmetologists help others look their best through a combination of services including facials, tweezing procedures, manicures, pedicures, makeup application, and other services.Because cosmetology is a licensed career, training is a required step in a cosmetologist’s career path.

What is the Job Outlook for Cosmetology in 2020?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 760,000 people [1] in U.S are employed as barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists, and the field is projected to grow by 8% through 2028 [2].As of May 2018, the median hourly wage for hairdressers, hair stylists, and cosmetologists in the U.S. was $13.44 [3]. Many cosmetologists also receive tips and commissions for their work.

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What Should You Expect from Cosmetology School in 2020?

Cosmetology training should provide you with skills that can lead to a successful cosmetology career, including:

  • Hair, makeup, and nail design
  • Cosmetology business management
  • Managing flexible full-time and part-time schedules
When researching cosmetology education, you may want to consider the following program features:
  • Salon and classroom settings
  • Hands-on training on both mannequins and people
  • A positive, upbeat environment
You should also make sure the cosmetology program you choose provides you with the opportunity to express yourself artistically and put your creative talents to work.The Delta Technical College (Delta Tech) Cosmetology Program teaches the skills needed to prepare you for Mississippi-state licensing requirements [4] and to begin an entry-level career in cosmetology, including:

  • Hair care and styling: Instructors share techniques for cutting, styling, and coloring all hair types. Students also receive lessons on shaving and attend classes on hair care methods and hair care products.
  • Skin care: Learn how to create classic and modern looks by applying a variety of skin care products, conducting cleansing facials, contouring modern looks, and properly tweezing unwanted hairs.
  • Makeup application: Find out how to create social media-worthy looks. From foundation and blenders to bronzers and mascara, you’ll have the resources to practice perfect makeup application.
  • Manicures and pedicures: Classes on nail care include lessons on nail shapes, polish variations, and proper nail care techniques.
  • Salon management: Many cosmetologists choose to eventually venture out on their own. The Delta Tech Cosmetology Program includes coursework on customer relations and salon management, equipping you with training that goes beyond the salon chair.
  • Rules and regulations: Cosmetology is a licensed profession, and the Delta Tech Cosmetology Program is designed to help you secure your Mississippi state license by teaching relevant laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Science of beautification: During your coursework, you’ll be given scientific knowledge to understand the associated risks that come with improper cosmetology procedures. You will also review material that can help you learn how and why to use particular products and techniques.

What Can You Expect from the DTC Cosmetology School?

Why Choose a Career in Cosmetology?