What is a Dental Assistant?

what is a dental assistant

Dental Assistant Career Overview

Dental Assistant Duties

  • recording treatment information
  • taking down dental histories
  • scheduling patients’ appointments
  • processing payments for dental services
  • filling out insurance forms
  • exposing dental x-rays
  • taking vital signs of patients
  • cleaning teeth
  • assisting dentists in dental emergencies
  • instructing patients in oral hygiene or postoperative care

Dental Assistant Education Requirements

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Dental Assistant Certification

After completing a dental assistant training program, dental assistants may want to consider acquiring industry certification. The two most common credentials are Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) and Certified Dental Assistant (CDA).

What is a Registered Dental Assistant?

What is a Certified Dental Assistant?

For dental certification, Delta Tech students who attend our Ridgeland campus take the DANB certification exam, which includes Radiology Health & Safety (RHS) and Infection Control Exam (ICE). However, they will still need chair-side work experience to take the third and final exam and obtain the CDA credential.

Dental Assistant Career Outlook

Dental Assistant Salary

Similar Professions

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Delta Tech’s Dental Assisting Program

Are you interested in taking the next step toward becoming a dental assistant? Delta Tech’s dental assistant training is 35 weeks (9 months). Learn more about our Dental Assisting Program.