Top 5 Allied Health Career Industries in Demand

Are you interested in an allied health career within the healthcare field, but you don’t want to attend a four-year college? A certificate or diploma from a trade or technical school is often enough to begin an entry-level career in many allied health occupations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics [1], these are the top 5 industries with the highest levels of allied health employment:

  1. General medical and surgical hospitals
  2. Nursing care facilities
  3. Home healthcare facilities
  4. Offices of physicians
  5. Offices of dentists

There are many careers that support these industries including technicians, assistants, and other in-demand allied health careers. These fields could be a good place to begin your career as an allied health professional.

What is an Allied Health Career?

Allied health professionals are present in almost every doctor’s office, hospital, or medical environment where healthcare is provided. It is estimated [2] that 60% of the US healthcare workforce could be classified as allied health. However, allied health does not include doctors and nurses.An allied health professional has typically completed training in order to work as a professional in the field. The required training varies depending on the allied health profession.Allied health professionals often fall into two categories [3], technicians/ assistants, or therapists/technologists. Technicians or assistants typically do not require a four-year or graduate degree.Allied health care professionals can include professionals ranging from audiologists and physical therapists to health educators and medical assistants, and they often [3] work in tandem with doctors, nurses, and other health providers. Some allied health professionals work on their own as therapists, nutritionists, or similar professions where a full healthcare practice may not be required.

#1. General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Industry

General medical and surgical [4] hospitals are licensed establishments that provide surgical and non-surgical diagnostic and medical treatment, and may also provide other patient services.

Example: A medical coding and billing specialist (also known as medical records and health information technicians) is an in-demand, growing allied health career in the general medical and surgical hospitals industry. It involves translating charts and other medical documentation to universal codes that help maintain and streamline medical records, research, and disease data (Read: What is Medical Coding and is it for You? for more information), and can sometimes be done remotely. (Read: How do Medical Coders Work from Home? for more information).

At Delta Technical College (Delta Tech) students can enroll in the Medical Coding Specialist Program.

#2. Nursing Care Facilities Industry

#3. Home Healthcare Facilities Industry

#4. Offices of Physicians

Offices of physicians include [8] any center, clinic, private or group practice where an MD (doctor of medicine) or DO (doctor of osteopathy) practices medicine.Example: Medical assisting is an in-demand allied health profession in this industry. A medical assistant may be responsible [9] for administrative or clinical tasks. There tasks may range from making a patient feel at ease and explaining procedures, to clinical duties including preparing and administering medications, drawing blood, removing sutures, changing dressings, and assisting during medical exams.At Delta Tech students can enroll in the Medical Assisting Program.

#5. Offices of Dentists

Offices of dentists include any independent [10] general or specialized dental practice, privately operated or within hospitals or medical centers.Example: Dental assisting is an in-demand allied health profession in this industry, with a varied role [11] that may include patient care, taking x-rays, record keeping, patient liaison, taking appointments, and front office tasks. Dental assistants should be detail-oriented, have strong interpersonal and listening skills, and be organized.At Delta Tech students can enroll in the Dental Assisting Program.

Allied Health Careers are in Demand


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