What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

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Medical Assistant Job Description

Where Do Medical Assistants Work?

The majority of medical assistants work in medical clinics and offices. They may also work in other healthcare settings.

Top Employers of Medical Assistants

Type of Medical FacilityExamples% of Employment
Physicians’ OfficesAmbulatory Health Services: Clinics & Doctors’ Offices15.61 Percent
Surgical & General Medical HospitalsState, Local Government, and Private Hospitals1.9 Percent
Other Healthcare Practitioners’ OfficesOffices of Chiropractors; Optometrists; Mental Health Practitioners; Audiologists, Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists; and other medical specialties.6.29 Percent
Outpatient Care CentersOutpatient Mental Health & Substance Abuse Centers6.21 Percent
Assisted Living Facilities & Retirement Care Communities for the ElderlyResidential Care, Board & Care, Congregate Care. Independent Living Units & Personal Care Units.1.10 Percent

Medical Assistant Duties

Since they may work in the front and back of medical facilities, medical assistants often receive cross-training in office work and clinical tasks.

Clinical DutiesAdministrative Office Duties
Assisting with Electrocardiograms (EKG)Digital Recordkeeping
Assisting with Radiographs (X-Ray)Data Entry
Drawing Blood & Preparing Laboratory TestsBilling & Coding
Providing First AidScheduling Appointments
Preparing Patients for ExamsManaging Insurance Claims
Assisting with Surgical ProceduresComputing
Sterilizing InstrumentsUsing Software Programs
Preparing and Providing Medication under Doctor SupervisionProviding Customer Service
Measuring Vital SignsArranging Laboratory Services & Hospital Admissions

Medical Assistant Work Environment

Medical assisting can be stimulating, hands-on work. These professionals generally have full-time, fast-pasted schedules. They may work in the front or back of the medical office or go back and forth between these areas throughout the day to complete their job responsibilities.While the daily work experiences of medical assistants may be somewhat different depending on the work environment and location, many perform similar tasks.

Working in the Medical Industry