Trade School Scholarships to Help You Fund Your Education

Giving yourself the gift of a postsecondary education can be a hugely rewarding life decision. Deciding to enroll in trade school to gain hands-on career skills is an investment in your future. But you might not need to pay for all of it yourself. Are there scholarships for trade school? The answer is yes! Like any kind of scholarship, you need to first know where to look.

What are trade school scholarships?

Trade school scholarships are a type of “free money” offered by various institutions to help students pay for the cost of trade school programs. You might not know that there are plenty of sources out there that might be able to help you pay for your skilled trades education. No matter who you are, everyone applying to trade school should take advantage of any possible government funding, as well as scholarships offered by the trade school itself.Beyond that, there are lots of third-party organizations that offer scholarships based on any number of factors, such as gender, background or military affiliation. It will just take a bit of time and research to discover which scholarships you are eligible for, but it can definitely be worth the effort to apply for trade school scholarships.

Government-Funded Grants

Just like when applying to a four-year college, applicants can fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) when enrolling in trade school. Though technically considered a grant rather than a scholarship, a Pell Grant is a sum of money allocated to students for higher education that they don’t have to pay back. Delta Technical College is approved as an institution that offers Pell Grants to qualified students via FAFSA.

Internal Trade School Scholarships

Definitely investigate specific scholarships offered by the trade school you’re interested in. Often, trade schools offer special scholarships to their own students.Delta Technical College, for instance, offers scholarships to those who qualify. For example, they offer scholarships for high school seniors who are graduating. In 2018, the program awarded a total of 158 scholarships for various amounts, from $2,000 to $10,000, and in some instances, a full ride. In total, these 158 students across Delta Technical College, and sister school Midwest Technical Institute’s, campus network will receive approximately $782,000 in scholarship funds.Don’t neglect applying for any potential scholarships that you are eligible for at your own trade school!

Third-Party Scholarships

Beyond government funding and internal trade school scholarships, you can find plenty of other scholarship opportunities on the Internet with a little bit of research. Every scholarship opportunity is different, with different eligibility requirements. Be sure to read the requirements carefully to make sure you are eligible to apply and that your trade school is eligible to receive the funding.You can find scholarships in many different locations, offered by many different organizations, for many different purposes, in varying amounts. Here are some categories of the types of trade school scholarships you might want to look for.

Trade-Specific Scholarships

If you already know the type of vocational training program you will be entering, you can search for organizations that offer money for that specific trade. The American Welding Society, for instance, offers scholarships for welding training. The HVACR Workforce Development Foundation offers scholarships for students in HVACR training. Consider your career focus, and search for scholarships within your trade from major affiliated organizations.

Company-Sponsored Scholarships

Some private companies offer certain trade school scholarships to support students in that industry. For instance, someone considering cosmetology training should look into scholarships from major salon companies, such as Great Clips[i]. Think about what type of company is invested in the type of training you’re doing, and see if any of those companies offer career-specific scholarships.

Demographic-Focused Scholarships

Some types of trade school scholarships are dedicated to helping a certain demographic of people succeed. For example, there are a good number of scholarships for women in skilled trades and veterans transitioning out of the military. Some scholarships specifically wish to help people of a certain racial or ethnic background, or people who face exceptional challenges or disabilities. Consider your unique characteristics, and see which scholarships might be meant for you!If you have questions about financial aid options, our admissions staff here at Delta Tech is ready help. Contact us today!

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