5 Trades In Demand

Delta Technical College (Delta Tech) offers a number of programs that prepare students for in-demand careers in allied health and mechanical trades.

The programs that offer training in growing trades include Medical Coding Specialist, Medical Assisting, HVAC/R-MAR Technician, Dental Assisting and Professional Truck Driving. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) [1], many of these careers are experiencing faster than average growth when compared to the national average of 5%. Below is a list of trades in demand.

Medical Coding Specialist

A medical coding specialist uses codes in order to transcribe doctor’s notes and patient records for hospitals, insurance companies, and other medical agencies. To become a medical coder, typically students complete a training program and obtain certification. According to the BLS, the medical billing and coding job outlook for 2018-2028 has a much faster than average growth of 11% [2]. The Medical Coding Specialist program at Delta Tech can prepare you for a career in the medical coding field.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform clerical and clinical tasks in a doctor’s office or hospital. Medical assistant job duties often include helping doctors with vital signs, working at the front desk, and recording patient information. According to the BLS, medical assisting is one of the projected top 20 fastest growing occupations [3], 2018-2028, with a much faster than average job growth of 23% [4]. Medical assistant programs like Medical Assisting at Delta Tech can provide the training to begin a career as a medical assistant.

HVAC/R-MAR Technician 

A career as an HVAC technician typically includes the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration systems. Some HVAC technicians may choose to specialize in a specific area of HVAC like solar or commercial refrigeration. According to the BLS job outlook for 2018-2028, a career as an HVAC technician has an average projected job growth of 13% [5], which is much faster than the national average. To learn HVAC, a program like Delta Tech’s HVAC/R-MAR Technician Program can provide the HVAC technician training to begin a career in HVAC.

Dental Assistant

The job duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant include the ability to handle many clinical and clerical duties at a dentist’s office, provide assistance to dentists, help patients, and complete administrative tasks. The 2018-2028 BLS job outlook for a dental assistant has an average projected job growth of 11% [6], which is much faster than the national average. For those interested in learning how to become a dental assistant, Delta Tech’s Dental Assisting Program may be the right choice.

Professional Truck Driving

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