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Delta Technical College Continues Commitment to Student, Faculty, Staff, and Community Safety During Increase of COVID-19 Cases Statewide


Horn Lake, MS: As with any other business or institution, Delta Technical College (DTC) is not immune to the community spread of COVID-19. DTC follows all guidelines offered by the CDC, as well as those set forth by our campus community, including the Mississippi Department of Health (MDH), our accrediting agency, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and the county health department guidelines. DTC has also implemented additional protocols to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Delta Technical College must balance students, faculty, and staff’s right to both privacy and protection. We do not allow any student, faculty, or staff on campus who have tested positive for COVID-19 or indicated that they have been exposed to the virus. DTC does not require students with symptoms or positive tests to return to campus to pick up books, materials, or for any other reason – we call them to make separate arrangements that do not involve them returning to campus.

To protect confidentiality, any communications to a class in which a student has tested positive or indicated exposure includes all students, regardless of COVID-19 status. Students who have tested positive, have been exposed, or are in quarantine are also communicated with separately and directly via phone, to protect their privacy.

DTC has instructed students, faculty, and staff that if they are not feeling well or suspect they have been exposed, to stay home. There are several reminders posted both outside and inside campus outlining health and safety protocols, including to protect others by staying home if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and to seek medical care if necessary. If a student suspects they have been exposed, the protocol is to inform their instructor by telephone, follow CDC guidelines, and not return to campus.

There is a shared responsibility between Delta Technical College, our staff, students, faculty, employees, and the community as a whole, to all continue to follow CDC, state, and county guidelines and restrictions to mitigate spread – for example, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. We have reminders posted throughout the campus.

In addition to daily cleaning of highly trafficked areas and high-touch points, DTC also conducts deep cleanings of campus when necessary or opportune. Over the Thanksgiving holiday break, we will be conducting a thorough, deep cleaning of all campus locations.

During times of increased risk for COVID-19, DTC has the option to temporarily move classes online. When we find that community spread has impacted a particular class, and contact tracing becomes vitally important, we move that class to an online environment during the quarantine period to allow for maximum safety precautions. DTC works with students individually to ensure they are able to complete course work, lab work, and all program requirements to successfully graduate and make use of the training they receive at Delta Technical College.