Program Description for Cosmetology

Many states require different amounts of credit hours for licensure.  Delta Tech offers a nationally accredited 1500 or a 2100 clock hour program to fit your states licensure requirements.

Delta Tech Cosmetology graduates are qualified to work as Cosmetologists, Nail Technicians, Estheticians, Hair Stylists, Salon Managers, and through Self Employment. As Cosmetologists become more experienced and build a book of clients, they can expect their earnings to increase. While some of our students go on to be very successful cosmetologists, some find they are better suited to manage salons.

The beauty industry is always changing, which opens a wide array of opportunities for all of our graduates. Once on the salon floor, our students are provided with many opportunities to experience the various aspects of Cosmetology. Midwest Technical Institute ensures students that finish the Cosmetology program at Delta Tech are trained and ready to handle any situation in the workforce they may encounter.

The Professional Cosmetologist will be trained with entry-level skills relating to hair, nails and skin with an emphasis on hygiene, sanitation, customer relations and salon management. The program provides the Cosmetologist with theory and skills-training in basic haircutting, hairstyling, and hair coloring. In addition to training on related hair services, nail and skin care will be introduced and implemented.

After study of the nails you will be able to leave with the confidence in manicuring, pedicuring, and artificial nails. The graduate will be able to perform the basic facial, including but not limited to masks, machine and manual care.  He or she will possess a working knowledge of sanitation and disinfection and State Laws governing our profession. Upon meeting graduation requirements of the Cosmetology program, the student is entitled to a Cosmetology diploma.


    Training In:

  • Hair Care
  • Nail Care
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Styling
  • Salon Management
  • Laws & Regulations
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