Services and Resources for Delta Tech Graduates


If you are interested in a program at Delta Technical College (Delta Tech), seeking out more information on Delta Tech’s graduate resources and services and how they can help you is a good place to begin.

Delta Tech supports their students even after graduation, and offers the following graduate services when requested:

  • Career placement assistance
  • General student services
  • Resume workshops
  • Interview workshops

What Is Career Placement Assistance? 

Many trade schools like Delta Tech pride themselves on robust career placement [1] programs as one of their strongest assets. Career placement assistance is available to all qualified Delta Tech graduates.To qualify you must meet a certain set of standards that include:

  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of C or above
  • 90% attendance record
  • The necessary skills for the available employment opportunity

Program Directors at Delta Tech are equipped to offer career placement assistance to enrolled students and graduates. It is recommended that students research any positions that are out of state, which may require different certifications from state to state.Delta Tech wants to help students and graduates be properly positioned with prospective employers, and may therefore provide recommendations based on the student’s academic and attendance record and other standards of professionalism that Delta Tech may choose, but they cannot guarantee a job or specific wage.

What Is Included in Student Services? 

Student Services at Delta Tech are varied and may include locating housing, locating childcare facilities, and part-time job assistance, as well as resume building and related workshops, among many others. These services can be provided for students transitioning into a program or in preparation for their life after graduation. For a complete list, visit the Delta Tech Student Services page.

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What Are the Available Workshops? 

Delta Tech offers workshops, often called Lunch and Learns, that provide skills and resources that may be helpful to students during their time in school, as well as, after graduation. They include workshops on resume writing and interview performance training. Seek out your program or student service director for information on the availability of the workshops. Each individual program at Delta Tech will also provide guidance on resume writing, professionalism and interview skills.

Delta Tech Provides Support to Their Students and Graduates