Resources and Financial Aid Options for Adult Students


There many ways to obtain financial assistance if you are an adult student interested in going back to school. If you aren’t sure that you can afford it, it is helpful to understand what financial aid options and resources are available for adult students. At Delta Technical College (Delta Tech), financial aid for adults may be available to students who qualify.

Where Should You Begin When Applying for Financial Aid for Adults?

The first step [1] to applying for financial aid for any college, trade or technical school is filling out the Federal Financial Aid form (FAFSA [2]). Important facts to know for adults going back to school:

  • Forms can be filled out at
  • There is no age limit to receive aid
  • The application is free to complete
  • It is recommended [1] that you also apply for an FSA ID, which will help with online paperwork
Upon completion of the FAFSA, you may be eligible for three kinds [1] of financial aid:
  • Grants are student aid funds that do not need to be repaid except under certain special circumstances. Delta Tech is approved for The Pell Grant, which is a large provider [3] of school grants.
  • Work-study is money earned from an on campus or near-campus job, and may be coordinated through your school’s financial aid department. Although Delta Tech does not offer a work-study program, the Student Services department at Delta Tech may be able to help you find a local part-time job opportunity while you are enrolled.
  • Loans [4] will need to be repaid, and they can be used by returning adult students at four-year colleges or universities, community colleges, trade schools, or technical schools. The most common loans [4] are the Stafford Loan and Direct PLUS Loans, both of these loans are accepted by Delta Tech.
The FAFSA is used to apply for most state [5] loans, grants, and scholarships as well. Deadlines, residency requirements, and other programs vary from state to state, so it’s important to find your state’s specific information, and the information of the state where you are applying for your education.

What Other Financial Aid Options Are Available for Returning Adult Students?

If you are not eligible for federal or state aid, you may have other options. They include:

  • Private Student Loans are sponsored by private, external lending organizations with varying loan terms and rates, and they must be repaid. 
  • Scholarships [1] are another option for adults going back to school. Scholarships often have different parameters for who should apply, but many are open to students of any age, particularly ‘area of study’ scholarships. If you speak with an Admissions Representative at the schools you plan to apply to, they can tell you about about any scholarships they offer to returning adult students.
  • Employer assistance is often an option at some companies. Speak to your employer about any financial assistance that may be available through your job.
  • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA [7]) is a federally funded employment and training program that provides training grants, and is designed [7] to empower individuals to improve their employment opportunities. Although there can be some differences between states, the general guidelines to qualify are as follows:
    • Must be in need of training to re-enter the work force
    • Have little or no work history, outdated training, or skills that are no longer marketable
    • The training grants cover tuition and books

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How Do You Apply for Financial Aid for Adults at Delta Tech?

A majority of the students, including returning adult students, accepted at Delta Tech receive some sort of financial aid or assistance. Rolling admissions at Delta Tech indicates there is no deadline at Delta Tech to apply for financial aid, grants, or other assistance. Once you have selected a program, financial aid applications should be successfully completed and submitted prior to the program’s start date, and if you have already completed the FAFSA, you simply need to add the Delta Tech school code to begin the process of possibly securing financial aid.

Understanding Repayment of Your Financial Aid

It is important to understand your responsibilities when borrowing federal or state financial aid or personal loans. Borrow only what you need to pay for tuition, fees and other school-related items. This may include books, lodging, and transportation. Delta Tech’s Loan Management Department, which is staffed with Loan Default specialists, will help you if you need advice on repayment.

There Are Many Ways to Get Help Paying for School as an Adult Going Back to School