A Day in the Life of a Delta Tech Student

The opportunities for fun, school spirit, and hands-on engagement are available to students at Delta Technical College on a daily basis. With so many varied programs at Delta Tech, the trade school students’ daily routines vary, but each program at Delta Tech is very hands-on, experiential, and interactive. Students will also be able to actively participate in and enjoy various campus activities, which can be rewarding for educational and social reasons.

A Hands-On Trade School Education at Delta Tech

Student Life at Delta Tech

Although the students may be working very hard in their respective programs, there is also time for fun activities and experiences. Many students enjoy lunch in the student lounge, where there may be school-sponsored activities like a resume workshop, Popcorn Day, or cookout. Students can attend designated “Lunch and Learns,” which can range from interview dos and don’ts to money management.Lunch may also be a good time to stop by the Cosmetology Lab for a haircut. Students receive a discount on services at the “Cosmo Lab.”Delta Tech has a designated charity each month that students raise money for. Last year students successfully collected items to take to Houston, TX, for victims of Hurricane Harvey. This community involvement extends to events like Easter egg hunts and local sports team sponsorships.Spirit Week [4] is also a fun time at Delta Tech, and in the past has included several days of dressing up, including jersey day, pajama day, wacky tacky day and patriotic day.Individual program instructors may celebrate a special accomplishment with a treat or event, like the Dental Assisting Program, which held an ice cream party [5] to celebrate the students’ hard work, or the Ridgeland campus Cosmetology Program, which held a student-led fashion show [6].

A Day in the Life of a Delta Tech Trade School Student Can Be Very Rewarding

Students at Delta Tech are given the opportunity for a hands-on education where they can learn a trade or allied health career, while also having fun and enjoying student life. If you’re interested in experiencing the Delta Tech “day in the life” contact the Admissions Team for information or to schedule a campus visit.Sources:[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiE9LBaCeHA
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