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Continuing Education
Delta Technical College offers additional training, in select areas, as a supplement to standard course material. Our Continuing Education courses are provided to give students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and add marketable skills to their resume. More information on our Continuing Education options can be found below.

Dental Radiology

The one day seminar is limited to 8 participants per seminar. Enrollment will be accepted on a first-come, first pay basis only. Please make checks payable to Delta Technical College in the amount of $150.00 and mail this registration form in to the school location that you will be attending. Dental Radiology is available at Horn Lake Campus, MS and Ridgeland, MS Campus. For additional resources on re-certification contact the Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners. Participants upon completion of the seminar will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate and application will be sent to the Mississippi State Dental Board. Assistance is given to participants at the end of the seminar with filling out and submitting the state application online in the school’s computer lab.

  • In order to register, participants must fill-out the registration form in-full.
  • Checks for registration fees must be payable to Delta Technical College in the amount of $150.
  • Registrants should mail all forms and payments to the address listed at the bottom of the registration sheet.
  • Horn Lake, MS: For additional information and/or registration, please contact Ms. Trudy Jordan at (662) 280-1443, ext. 1443, or at [email protected]
  • Ridgeland, MS: For additional information and/or registration, please contact Ms. Deidre Graham at (601) 206-5200, ext. 1518, or at [email protected]
Radiology Seminar

1 Day / 8 Hours
The Radiology Seminar is eight hours, all in one day and consists of: 3 ½ hours of lecture/video followed by an exam, 1 hour lunch break, and 3 ½ hours of hands-on training in the dental lab taking X-rays.

During lecture portion the instructor covers a brief history of radiographs, diagnostics and quality of X-rays (what makes an acceptable X-ray for the Dr. to diagnose the patient), means of producing quality radiographs, film exposures and what causes errors on the film, bisecting principle and technique, paralleling principle and technique including a full-mouth radiographic survey and bite-wing series, special radiographs on various patients, including occlusal, pediatric, edentulous, endodontic radiographs, and special needs/compromised patients. The instructor will also discuss manual film-processing equipment and technique, explain the composition of processing solutions for traditional x-rays, explain & demonstrate how to mount x-rays, explain common radiograph errors that occur during exposure and processing, the storage of radiographs and legal implications. The instructor will discuss thoroughly infection control and the prevention of cross contamination. After the lecture portion of the seminar a one hour lunch break will be given. After the lunch break, the participants will be in the dental lab where everything that was covered during lecture will be applied in the clinical setting with hands-on instruction.

Pipe Fitting

50 clock hours-lecture/200 clock hours-lab/62.5 additional clock hours/9 credits

The main objective of the Pipe Fitting course is to provide students with the fundamental principles of entry-level pipe fitting and qualify them to secure immediate employment as a pipe fitter/steamfitter in the manufacturing, construction, fabrication, and maintenance industries.The Pipe fitting course features classroom instruction and hands-on training in pipe measurements and runs, isometric drawing readings, field fabrication, and more. Pipe fitting is available at our Horn Lake, MS Campus.

DTC requires all applicants to the school to provide proof of a high school diploma, GED, or documentation of home school completion. Students must be proficient in speaking, writing, reading, and comprehending English. A student must:


  • Horn Lake, MS: For additional information and/or registration, please contact Mr. Tom Pullin at [email protected]
  • Interview with an authorized representative of the school
  • Successfully complete a skills evaluation
  • Complete Health Affidavit/Screening
  • Possess a valid driver license, state issued ID, or passport
  • Complete DTC’s 30 week Journeyman Welder program OR have previous construction experience, preferably 1+ years
  • Previous welding experience is preferred but not required
Tuition Costs
  • Total Tuition Cost: (includes supplies): $5,000.00

*A student graduating successfully from DTC’s 30 week program may immediately begin the 10 week Pipe Fitting course the Monday after their graduation date for a total cost of $3,200.

Training In:

Reading isometric drawings Pipe measurements and runs
90o & 45o fittings / offsets
Complex isometric drawings Rolling offsets
30o & 60o fittings / offsets
Odd-angled fitting fabrication / Saddle fabrication