HS Scholarship

Delta Technical College and our sister school, Midwest Technical Institute, are pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Midwest Technical Institute and Delta Technical College 2018 High School Scholarship Program (MTI and DTC HS Scholarship) for graduating high school seniors.

The program will award up to 23 scholarships for various amounts at each of our campus locations. In total, up to 138 students across MTI and DTC’s campus network will receive approximately $804,000 in MTI and DTC scholarship funds.

How Do I Apply for the Scholarship?

Scholarship applications must be completed by March 9, 2018. Applications will be considered complete when the following items have been met:


Step 1: Register for Scholarship

Scholarship applicants must first register for the program beginning September 15, 2017. Click on the Register button to start your application.


Step 2: Submit Video

Submit a video up to five minutes in length detailing the applicant’s interest in the mechanical trade or allied health fields, as well as their interest in Midwest Technical Institute. Click on the Submit Video button to upload your video.

Step 3: Tour Campus &
Meet with Financial Aid

Applicants must complete an in-home or campus interview with an MTI High School Representative and participate in a Financial Aid consultation.  To schedule your interview contact one of your campus’s High School Representatives below.

High School Representatives

Horn Lake, MS Campus

Carmel Sykes
[email protected]

Ridgeland, MS Campus

Tarold Durham
[email protected]

What Happens After I’ve Completed My Scholarship Application?

The MTI & DTC HS Scholarship Selection Committee will review all applications (including the initial registration, video submission and in-home/on campus admissions interview) and select up to 40 finalists per campus. Finalists will then be required to participate in a videotaped 4 question scholarship interview at the campus the applicant has chosen to attend. Scholarship interviews will take place March 19, 2018 – April 20, 2018.

The MTI & DTC HS Scholarship Selection Committee will review all the finalists’ application videos and videotaped interviews. The Committee will then select up to 23 winners per campus.

What are the Scholarship Amounts?

Scholarship Amounts Total Number Available
Full Tuition Paid 2
$10,000 3
$8,000 3
$5,000 5
$3,000 5
$2,000 5