Course Description for CDL Training

20 days/168 Clock Hours

CDL classes last for 20 days. A Saturday class may be required due to campus holidays.

Commercial truck driving procedures and techniques, along with classroom theory will be taught and practiced during this 20 day program. The student will learn how to correctly and safely perform required skill standards. This program will prepare the student to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License and be trained for an entry level position.

The program includes 40 hours of classroom instruction related to knowledge of state specific CDL, driving safely, airbrakes, combination vehicles, log books, trip planning, along with public and employee relations. The student will be prepared to take the CDL permit exam the first week of class. This allows the student to drive while accompanied by a CDL driver.
NOTE: Student must obtain permit prior to field training.

The student will receive 20 hours of range which will be on a school site field training prior to 20 hours of over the road field training on rural highways, interstate, and city driving.

This program will also provide 88 hours of remedial training that includes bookwork, driving skills and practice exams. Field training will include observation performed by a Delta Tech instructor with a CDL. Upon meeting graduation requirements of the CDL Training Course, the student is entitled to a CDL Training Course diploma.

If a CDL Training Course student receives an incomplete, at the end of the course, the student may re-test in 31 days with the Secretary of State. If the student fails a second time, they may re-test in 31 days with the Secretary of State. If the student fails a third time, the student will be dismissed from the school. The student will be responsible for an additional $50.00 permit fee.


    Payment Methods:

  • Students may be eligible for financial aid,
    such as Veterans Benefits
    and workforce Investment Act (WIA).
  • Delta Tech also has contractual agreements
    with employers that will finance their
    education and, in some cases, pay for
    their education, based on a student’s
    background check, physical, drug screen,
    and work history.

    Course Subject Descriptions Are As Follows:

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Week 1. Classroom Training

40 Clock Hours-Lecture

The topics for week 1 will include:

  1. CDL knowledge Section 1 pgs. 3-12
  2. Driving Safely Section 2 pgs. 13-51
  3. Air breaks Section 5 pgs. 62-69, Combination Vehicles Section 6, pgs. 70-79
  4. Log Books
  5. Trip Planning
  6. Public and Employee Relations
  7. The student will be prepared with practice tests to take the CDL permit exam.



Week 2-4. Range and Road Training

20 Range Hours/ 20 Over the Road Hours/ 28 Observation Hours/ 60 Remedial Training Hours

The state specific Occupational Skill topics for weeks 2, 3, and 4 will include reading and interpreting control systems, performing pre-tip vehicle inspection, completing post-trip vehicle condition report, execute shifting, back tractor-trailer straight line backing, back tractor-trailer serpentine backing, back and parallel park tractor-trailer, back and dock tractor-trailer, uncouple trailer, couple trailer, exercise basic control, performing visual search, managing and adjusting vehicle speed, managing and adjusting vehicle space relations, identifying potential driving hazards and performing emergency maneuvers, identifying and adjusting to difficult and extreme driving conditions, reading shipping documents and evaluate cargo load, dealing with accident scenes and reporting procedures, recording and maintaining hours or service reporting procedures, and planning trips.



Admissions Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older for admission to the program.
  • Must be 21 years of age for interstate travel.
  • Must have a High School diploma or GED.
  • Possess a valid driver's license and obtain a CDL permit prior to field training.
  • Meet physical qualifications as specified by the state and possess D.O.T. physical upon enrollment.
  • Willing to participate in a controlled substance & alcohol testing program as mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration and a State's Department of Transportation.



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