Mechanical Trades Programs

Delta Tech offers 3 Mechanical Trades Programs that are relevant to todays workforce. You could be come a Welding Craftsman in 7 months, an Electrician in 12 months, or a HVAC/R - MAR Technician in 9 months. We offer flexible class schedules and many start dates that will fit into just about anyones schedule.  Are you ready to gain the work force training you need to become competitive in todays market?  Please read below to see more about the Mechanical Trades programs that Delta Tech has to offer.

Journeyman Welder

7 months

MTI Welding graduates work across the country in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance fields. They are employed as boilermakers, pipe fitters, structural welders, as well as many other welding related jobs. The certifications we issue give each graduate maximum employability potential in the welding industry, especially when it comes to food grade stainless steel pipe. Our training is geared to meet the tough demands of today's employers.... more


   Journeyman Welder 2 - Pipefitter  

Journeyman Welder II

9 months

Journeyman Welding II offers an additional 10 weeks/250 hours than Welding I. This course will expand on the pipe fitting course and include more hands on Fitting and Rigging. Shop goals are to Fabricate/Weld saddles, run pipe A to B economically, multiple pipe runs at various angles and review of all pipe applications.... more


HVAC/R - MAR Technician

9 months

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - Major Appliance Repair
The HVAC/R industry is one of the main supports of our culture. Everyone relies on heating, air-conditioning, or refrigeration in one way shape or form. Job prospects for highly skilled heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration technicians are very good. Currently the United States is experiencing a critical shortage of qualified technicians. Career fields include installers and service technicians... more




12 months

The objective of the Electrician Course is for students to gain entry level employment as an Electrician, Electricians Helper, or a Electrical Apprentice. This program consists of (8) 6-week modules. Each module contains basic subject content for electrical theory, mathematics, wiring, load calculations, motors, and electrical controls. This course also covers field and shop safety. Completion of all 6 modules... more