1st Annual High School Welding Competition


Delta Technical College would like to thank everyone who competed in our 2012 High School Welding Competition. We take pride in the welding trade and it is great to see so many high school students interested in welding. Our welding staff was very impressed with the skill level of the high school students this year. We understand that many high schools are limited financially in regards to their welding programs; however, the commitment of the teachers is evident by the turnout every year and the quality of the student’s projects. Delta Tech would like to thank all the high school teachers for your commitment to your students and for your participation in our high school welding competition every year!


We will have next year’s competition dates and details to everyone in late August/early September. After evaluating this year’s competitions, next year’s will be very similar. We feel our current format gives everyone a fair chance. Please feel free to contact Eric Gleason (217) 314-0209 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or concerns. Our goal is to improve this competition every year and your feedback is important to Delta Tech. Thank you again and we will see you next year!


2012 Results


Horn Lake, MS

1st – William Biddinger, Arlington High(TN)

2nd – Zachary Webster, Crowder High(MS)

3rd – Blake Creasy, Arlington High(TN)

4th – Jordan Davis, Madison Palmer High(MS)

5th – Martarius Smith, Whitehaven High(TN)

6th  – Jim Foy, George Washington Carver High(TN)

7th – Justin Simmons, Raleigh Egypt High(TN)

8th – Aakeem Taylor, Mitchell High(TN)

9th – Antonio Price, Whitehaven High(TN)

10th – Quinn Taylor, Madison Palmer High(MS)