Delta Tech | Journeyman Welding | Welding School | Mechanical Trades

Delta Technical College offers a variety of Health Care and Mechanical Trade programs. Our programs are catered to meet the needs of our students and employers.

Many of Delta Tech students are recent high school graduates eager to start a career in the Mechanical Trades and Health Care fields. Our small class sizes, Financial Aid assistance, hands-on training and Job Placement Assistance equal a personalized education for you. The training students recieve at Delta Tech is geared towards learning in in a hands-on enviornment. Delta Tech's curriculum contains course work that is program specific. In other words; there are no general education course requirements to graduate in your career field. We feel this focused training is the key to our students success, along with hard work and dedication.

Getting Started

  1. Meet the Requirements. A High School Diploma or GED is required for admission to Delta Tech
  2. Pass our Entrance Exam. The exam consists of basic math (you may use a calculator-provided) and English (word usage, sentence sctructure, spelling, etc.) and usually takes about 20 minutes to complete. The test has no time limit.
  3. Schedule a Tour. Call or fill out an Information Request to schedule an appointment.
  4. Admissions Testing. (Journeyman Welder Program does not require an entrance exam)
  5. Complete Financial Aid Paperwork. For more information please visit our Financial Aid informational page.