Delta Tech| HVAC | Heating and Air Technician | Major Appliance Repair

HVAC / R - MAR Course Description


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning / Major Appliance Repair

36 Weeks / 720 Clock Hours /180 Additional Outside Clock Hours

900 Total Hours / 28 Semester Credits


The DTC HVAC/R - MAR program consists of four (9) week modules. Each module contains basic subject content for training in the installation, repair and maintenance for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry and basic subject content for training in installation and repair for the major appliance industry. Students must successfully complete a module prior to advancing to the next module. Successful completion of a module requires a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (70%), minimum of 90% attendance and successfully completing a comprehensive written/lab final.  Successful completion of each module and EPA Section 608 Core, Type I, and Type II certification exams will entitle student to a diploma in HVAC/R diploma and MARC (Major Appliance Repair Certification). Class times are 4 hours daily (8am-noon or 1pm-5pm) each week for the duration of the course. This includes the opportunity for an extensive “hands-on” experience as well as theory, equipment components and operation.


The HVAC/R - MAR program welcomes any person with or without previous electrical, mechanical or construction training or experience, although any previous experience will prove beneficial to that student. The course objective is to provide each student with the basic knowledge and skills as a quality entry level employee in the HVACR and major appliance industries.


Students should be aware that employment in the industry by some employers may require them to possess a clean driving record, submit to a criminal background check, provide a drug screen, relocation, climb ladders, work in attics and crawlspaces, move heavy equipment, work in harsh environments and being available for 24 hour service calls. Each graduate will be responsible for following leads provided to them as well as interviewing for employment.


Some industry related fields include but are not limited to: equipment and duct installers, duct cleaners, service technicians, sheet metal, electrical, facilities maintenance, sales, management, marketing, estimating, inspections and self employment.


Course Subject Descriptions Are As Follows:

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 Modules can be taken in any order.



Module: Gas and Electric Heat Service and Installation

45 Clock Hours-Lecture & 135 Clock Hours-Lab /45 Additional Outside Clock Hours / 7 Credits

This 9 week module will cover basic Gas and Electric heating applications including combustion theory, the combustion process, heating efficiencies, ignition systems, different types of furnace configurations, gas properties,  gas valves,  regulators, sequence of operation, safety precautions when dealing with fossil fuel burning furnaces as well as all electric. It also includes basic maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting techniques along with applied electrical safety and theory of furnace components and controls.




Module: Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Service and Installation

45 Clock Hours-Lecture & 135 Clock Hours-Lab /45 Additional Outside Clock Hours / 7 Credits

This 9 week module will cover electricity applied to comfort cooling systems, testing and identifying electrical components, sizing electrical conductors and over current protection according to NEC. Also theory of heat transfer, Refrigeration cycle, identifying and diagnosing the components of a refrigeration system, Sequence of operation of Air conditioning and various types of Heat pump applications (Air to Air, Geothermal) identifying heat pump components and theory of operation. Students will also practice Refrigerant recovery, recycle, and evacuation techniques as well as refrigerant charging procedures.




Module: Air Distribution and Indoor Air Quality

45 Clock Hours-Lecture & 135 Clock Hours-Lab /45 Additional Outside Clock Hours / 7 Credits

This 9 week module will consist of students fabricating various sheet metal fittings using the proper calculations and ACCA charts and procedures.  Students will also learn the basic principles of Indoor Air quality and the importance of human comfort when dealing with different environments and airborne pollutants. Students will read fan airflow charts, perform duct system pressure test, and identify different types of filters along with the proper application for each. Students will also perform the installation and service of whole house humidifiers, UV filterization lights, Electronic air cleaners, and Identify the effects of each according to use in today’s industry.




Module: Major Appliance Repair

45 Clock Hours-Lecture & 135 Clock Hours-Lab /45 Additional Outside Clock Hours / 7 Credits

This 9 week module will cover the installation and repair of electric and gas ranges, microwaves, dishwasher, domestic refrigerators, automatic washers, gas and electric dryers, garbage disposals, water heaters, and cook tops. Also basic electricity applied to appliances along with schematic reading procedures, identifying components and electrical symbols, appliance service troubleshooting techniques, Identifying proper operating conditions of appliance according to NEC and Manufacturers Specification.